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We're back from the grave!

Back in 2013, this project was archived. We revisited it and decided to bring it back to life.
As of this moment, the game is fully functional, but some areas are incomplete:

  • There is no single player mode. There is a practice mode, but it is really basic.
  • PvP matches can be played, but there wont be any users to play against.
  • Most magical card attributes are present, but they aren't used.
  • There are only two universes, and they're basically examples.
  • Everything is low quality. We made it with a total lack of resources back then.

Apart from all that, you can register an account and play.

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We're planning a full remake!

We attempted to crowdfund it with IndieGogo seven years ago, but for a very weird reason, the campaign didn't succeed. Now we decided to give it a chance with Kickstarter, and we made a very neat campaign with a lot of information about our project.

Take a look at our campaign at KickStarter

If you like this project and you can sponsor us please take a look at the campaign link above to see our plans and the benefits we're giving to people that takes a pledge.
Any questions are answered ASAP on the campaign's FAQ section.



Pequeñas cosas, grandes diferencias

[17/Dec/11] ¡Ya tenemos lista la zona de entrenamiento! ¡úsala para foguearte y trazar estrategias para el momento en el que te enfrentes a usuarios reales! ...además, podrás usarla para emparejar los niveles de tus cromos (~_~) Ver 

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